Off to Niagara!

Molly was eager to go, and watched out for deer and other things while we drove.

On our way to Niagara Falls, we stopped along the way at a rest area in Ohio.

The weather was lovely, with a brisk breeze a cool temperatures that made the flags fly nicely.

Molly found lots to look at, and explored much of the rest area.

I found a rare flower in the garden there.

Darla even found a flower to enjoy!

We discovered that Mr. Spock lives in Buffalo.

We were terribly exhausted when we got to Niagara…

…but had to go to dinner.

I sat beneath Sir Paul, and Darla sat close to her golden halo.

The whole world sits atop their building….

…despite a slight traffic problem.

As we left the HRC, we found these words etched on the wall.