More from the Falls — Oh Canada!

This morning’s excursion was into Canada to see the falls. As you can tell from the view, we picked the worst possible day for weather!

This was as clear as we saw the Maid of the Mist….

…so we created our own!

The view got a little better later in the day, but was still not great.

Even with the horrible weather, I was still taken aback with the beauty of the coastline….

…and the roar of the Falls!

There were a few nice pictures to be had, though.

We wandered about near the Falls, and found a Hershey bar, with a little toy surprise inside.

I even got a Hershey’s Kiss!

Darla found a beautiful garden, with a nice view of the falls.

We stopped for lunch at the Hard Rock on the Canadian side. One interesting discovery — this one is franchised. That means your All Access card doesn’t work there! This one also has a Hard Rock Club — a nightclub, I presume — attached to it.

We visited the Falls tonight, too — from the American side. It is lit from the Canadian side, and is beautiful. No words can describe this wonder of the world at night!