West Virginia, Here we come!

Today found us leaving Niagara for the Specialty in Wheeling WV.

As usual, Darla found some flowers to enjoy along the way in Pennsylvania. They sure grow some weird flowers there!

Once we arrived at the hotel — another winning Days Inn complete with leaking windows… ugh! — I saw two Berners and their owner walk by, but got out the door just too late to see who it was. Later, I found out it was Lynn Balsiger and her pair of beauties, Anna and Ueli. They took great interest in Molly (like a dolt, I didn’t take any photos!), and played and sniffed in the hallway. Lynn and Darla/Me/Molly chatted in the hallway for a looooong time. Lynn has been around the breed for quite a while — where Darla and I are complete novices with Berners! — and was so very kind and helpful.

Molly found her spot to sleep in….

…and fell asleep, as did we all.