And Life Goes On…

Darla and I returned home yesterday. A long drive after a particularly long week.

Today we had an appointment with Molly’s specialist. Last Tuesday, Molly was spayed, and while she was under, we had her hips and elbows x-rayed. Good thing we did.

The specialist today said that her hips are severely dysplastic — 25% ball-into-socket on one, less than 20% on the other. (50% or greater is the target number.) However, the doctor is more concerned about her elbows. Both need arthroscopic surgery to correct problems with how the bones have grown. Additionally, her shoulder has a cartilage problem that will require surgery. In all, five specific problems were identified, all needing surgery, all needing immediate attention, and all genetic in nature. Darla was heartbroken, crying in the office. I was merely getting madder and madder at the yahoo who sold Molly to us. Obviously, we’ll do what it takes to help Molly, but it will be close to $4000 by the time all the work is complete.

Again, watch this space! There will be more details about Molly’s plight, and our walk through her surgeries and recovery.