It’s Been a While…

But life gets in the way of blogging, and I guess that’s ok.

I badly need to repair/rebuild the Linux box that hosts this, as it is barely limping along. I’m surprised it’s functional at all.

Many, many changes in my life. Not some of the best ones, unfortunately — the best ones would be weight, exercise, etc. However, I’m spending more time with Darla and family, and am really cutting back on so many of the distractors in my life — things that keep me from me, my family and God.

That’s where this goofy Linux box comes in. Is it worth fixing? It’s another hole into which I pour a large part of my life. Or, is it a tool to express and extend my life? Would I be better off with pen and paper? Hammer and chisel? Cave walls and buffalo blood? I dunno.

Apple. That’s where I think I want to land. It’s gonna take some doing though. The outfit I drooled over at the newly opened Apple Store is about $5k, including a 23″ theatrewide LCD panel. Cool stuff. I want/deserve cool stuff. I’ve been working with “get me bys” for too long. Anyway, I think defecting to the Once Bitten side would be a fundamental change for me. The G4’s, along with Jaguar, though have UNIX underpinnings, so much of what I do now, and much of what I know, oughta still percolate.

Perhaps the blog should go there someday. After all, 1GB+ RAM, dual procs, and fast bus should allow you and me to share the system.

Oh, and if I’m feeling particularly masochistic, or schizophrenic, I can run Win98/XP/DOS/Linux in VM’s right on the desktop. Coolness. Certainly would make the server farm smaller and lower my power bill to boot.

The Cards made the NLCS — Game One is tomorrow and Darla and I are going. Photos & drivel are forthcoming.

Note to self: Write every day.