Two Weddings…

Today, Darla and I attended two weddings. The first, this morning, was for her cousin Jimmy, and his new wife Jen. The second, this evening, was for Ed, a bowling pal, and his new wife Tara. Pictures from both are up in the “My Photos” section.

Jimmy’s wedding was nice, quiet, and what I would call a typical church wedding. Jimmy and Jen are both strong Christian souls, and it was a ceremony and reception that reflected that. As always, it was fun to the see Darla’s family all together. The only other time we see most of them is at Christmas and Fourth of July.

Ed’s wedding was also very nice, but was not as traditional. Ed and Tara were wed at the old Lemp Brewery. This is an old Falstaff brewery, and one of the (rumoured) more haunted places around. There are tales — confirmed, I think — of several of the Lemp family meeting their demise in the mansion and brewery, and supposedly still haunting the place to this day. Ed and Tara will be spending their first married night there, with a trip to the Cayman Islands tomorrow.

My prayers are for God’s blessings for both couples!