We’re Back on the Air!

Sorry for the downtime between last night and today. I bought some new wireless gear, including a new router. It took some SIGNIFICANT backflips to get it all going, but it appears to be functional now. There might be intermittent downtimes here and there as I play with the settings, but I doubt there will be any further prolonged outages.

Things are well here. Last night, we surprised Darla with a full-blown formal Italian dinner at Mary and John’s. Such fun, and a joy to spring a surprise on her — she’s usually on to me early on with that kind of thing!

I also surprised her today by moving her PC upstairs to her office, and put a new 15″ LCD display on it (along with a wireless connection — essential for moving it upstairs!). She frequently gets up in the middle of the night, and now she can surf, e-mail or just goof off when that happens. Again, a surprise she wasn’t expecting!

Tonight, it’s dinner with her mom, dad and brother, along with us and Sio — should be a fun time!