A Troubled World

Gosh, where do I start?

North Korea scares the hell out of me. Yesterday, there was word that any attack by the US would result in full scale war. Today, North Korea said that the use of a pre-emptive strike was not limited to just the US, implying that they might hit us first. “Us” would probably be South Korea, or Japan, but either of those would be incensing enough to precipitate a horrible chain of events on the Korean pennisula.

And, while that drum is beating loudly, the situation with Iraq is getting steadily worse, and looking more and more like war is imminent with them. While I don’t believe the war would be as one-sided this time around, I think the larger threat is from radical zealots who could bring more terror to our shores. And not just the garden variety “plane lobbing” style of 9/11, but the more horrific, city-killing kind delivered in the form of biological or chemical warfare agents brought into, or close to, our borders.

This is a scary, scary time. When I was in high school, Reagan was elected, and I was convinced that he was so hell-bent on war that I would not live to see my high school graduation due to the nuclear wasteland I thought he would help bring to our planet.

I cannot remember the world being as dangerous as it seemed then…. until now.