Snow Day!

Yet another day filled with snow. Well, technically, another night filled with snow — about six inches last night. This morning, it looked like the commute would be treacherous, so Darla and I elected to stay home and not perform the salmon swimming upstream exercise that is typical around here on a morning with snow.

However, at this point in the afternoon, the roads look very clear, and I expect tomorrow will be a normal day.

Wednesday is allegedly bringing another storm system in — perhaps there will be another big dump of snow this week!

I can’t remember so much snow falling anywhere I’ve lived. Even in Omaha. There, we had bigger snows, and they lasted on the ground longer, but I don’t think I can remember have more inches fall during a winter as with this one. I don’t mind; the dearth of snow from my rearing in the South has left me always hungry for more of the white stuff, and ready to go romp in it at a moment’s notice.

Do you have a Berner? Does yours get as freaky when the snow is coming as Molly does? She starts turning into a nut when the snow is still a day out. Last night, the snow began to fall, and she got more and more agitated, running in and out of the back door until we went to bed. This morning, she was thrilled to go play in the snow that had fallen. There’s pictures over on Phydeaux’ Photos — the link’s over on the left. Take a look!