Elma’s Birthday

The Gateway City is experiencing it’s TWELTH snow in February — almost 29″ have fallen this winter, which is 10″ above average for the whole winter. And we still have several more weeks of potential snow weather ahead of us. I can’t remember a winter with so many snow events. None of them have been huge, but they’ve all been noticeable.

Molly loves the snow, and starts getting goofy a day before the snow comes. I think she’s more reliable than the weather folks!

We celebrated Elma’s 71st birthday (actually March 9th, I think) tonight with the Lazzareschi clan. Good times, good food — lotsa fun! When we went in for dinner, it was cold, and nothing was coming down. When we got out, there were three inches of snow on the ground! It must have fallen awfully fast. The farther north we came, though, the less there was, and by the time we tooled into Maryland Heights, the roads were wet, but not ice and snow packed like the ones just five miles south of here. Very weird stuff!