Nice dinner tonight at Cardwell’s — down in Frontenac. That’s the first time I’ve been there, and was really impressed with the food. Upscale, and worth it, to my mind.

Darla’s nail tech and her boyfriend invited us out to dinner to discuss web sites, hosting and all the things that go with that. He’s a photographer, and has a desire to put his work “on the market”. I’m hoping Kevio can help with that, as he’s done quite a bit of work with Yahoo with some of his customers. Sounds like it could be a gig right up his alley.

No photos today — too much running around, and just not enough time to practice. Great excuse, eh? I’ve still got too much work to do to get the photos linked to their appropriate pages — not a big deal, but enough to keep me busy for a while.

Commitments? Write every day. Practice photo shooting every day. Walk Molly every day. That’s a busy nighttime schedule, but it’s all good!