There is apparently a decision from the 9th Circuit Court (in California) to uphold the ban on reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in schools, effective March 10th. Amazing.

Amazing that we, as a country, seem to have forgotten the very reasons the United States was formed in the first place.

Amazing that we, as a country, must carry politcal correctness to unrealistic ends, sacrificing some of the basic underpinnings of our society.

Amazing that some, as a minority, can inflict by law their views upon the majority.

Amazing that we, as a country, are allowing this to happen.

I understand that diversity of race, religion, creed and other factors generally strengthen our country, and make it a more wonderful place to live.

I understand the need to address and correct criminal actions in which the majority inflicts its will upon the minority in the name of the state.

I understand the necessity for freedoms — freedom to speak, or not; freedom to worship in any fashion, or not; freedom to assemble, or not.

I do not understand why some who would revel in the facets of that jewel called freedom would be the first to deny the very practices that have allowed them those freedoms.

I do not understand why our court system in defiance of the will of the people must relegate treasures such as our Pledge of Allegiance to the wastebasket and history books.

I believe we are walking a dangerous line, one that might cost us much of what so many have fought and died for.

I believe that, in time, we could find ourselves in a God-less land, with the needs of the few satisfied by the sacrifices of the many.

I believe God will be saddened.