Drums of War

It appears that we are ever so much closer to an invasion of Iraq. I’ve heard things on the radio that some newsfolk believe it is just a matter of days. I’ve heard that the US will not try another UN resolution, because it doesn’t make any sense to do that just to have it vetoed by the permanent members of the UN. And everyone seems to just accept that we will be in Baghdad for years — maybe a decade — to ensure that peace is maintained.

While I tend to belive that Hussein is a destabilizing force, and that he probably does have the weapons of mass destruction so often touted by the administration, I grow weary of the posturing and positioning. If we’re going to go to war, let’s get on with it, have a well-defined goal, and achieve it. This monkeying around is doing nothing but messing about with the economy, and increasing the general anxiousness of folks.

Listen; the beat goes on…