Out of Dad’s death last year, Mom decided to give Kevio and me a modest sum with which to do something for ourselves.

Both of us have honored Dad in our own ways, by carrying forth his legacy.

For Kevio, it was the gift of music. Dad was a musician, a saxophone player long, long ago. Kevio has been continuing that legacy with his music for two decades. He has elected to bring a new guitar into the fold, and with that, he carries Dad’s legacy of music forward.

For me, photography has become quite a passion. There’s always ham radio, of course, but lately photography has the hot burner. Dad always enjoyed photography, and he passed that down to both Kevio and I. In fact, one of Dad’s first jobs was recording the Gemini missions using very high speed cameras on Ascension Island. All through his life, he shot photo after photo after photo. I don’t know that any of them are “art” photos, or anything that would mean much to anyone who wasn’t family, but he loved shooting film, and I’m glad to have found this same voice in my life.

I think I got bit a long time ago, when I first shot some film with Dad’s Edixa model C that he bought while in Germany in the early 60s. I can remember still what it was like to shoot film and slides with that old camera. If I could find another, I might be tempted to put it in my collection, if only for nostalgia.

Anyway, today, I ordered a new Canon EOS-10D semi-pro digital SLR camera. They’ve just been released, and I expect I should have it before travelling to Talladega in early April. I still need lenses, filters, and all manner of other accessories. They’ll come, in time. I am looking forward to getting the Canon here, though, and expect I’ll be turning out some fantastic photos with it.