Canon EOS 10D

The new camera has arrived! (Well, actually, I got it Thursday.) Two lenses, a polarizing filter and a backpack later, I’m set for shooting with the little guy.

My first impression is that this camera is sweeeeet. It feels good, it shoots well, and is complicated. I never released just how much I relied on the automated features of the Olympus — I am going to have to think about what I’m doing.

Darla and I went to the arch grounds today to shoot some pictures of great arch at the river. The nugget that I came away from that exercise with is to account for the darkness of the polarizing filter, and open things up a bit.

BTW, I feel like I’ve had just a little too much rhetoric on here of late. I feel like I’m turning into a grumpy old man way before my time. So, I’ll probably still have some things on here about the world (the gas pumps, for example), but not so much yelling and screaming. There’s enough of that going on right now without my adding to the cacophony.