Jamaica: Saturday

The last full day we spent in Negril was not that much different from the rest: eating, swimming, raining.

We spent time at the beach, with more swimming and snorkelling. I sure enjoyed chasing stuff below the water. Poor flounders — I’m sure I’ll come back as one in the next life!

Wet Fronds
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And it wouldn’t be an afternoon in Negril without a big thunderstorm!

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However, we got one of the only sunsets during our stay. Beautiful, but not as nice as last year. I think next time in Jamaica, I would prefer to go when there’s not so much rain! That really seemed to hamper shooting the sunsets this time.

Dinner was great, as usual. I still don’t see how this place could feed us the way they did. The food is amazing, and plentiful.

Entertainment was playing cards until late in the night, drinking rum and Coke and some goofy mixture of Red Stripe and 151. Good and potent!