It’s Been a Long Time

Yes, it has been a long time.

Nearly three months have gone by since I last typed in good ol’ PD. What’s kept me away? Work, work, and work. I have been pulling both long and odd shifts at the office, and I am physically drained from that. However, I’ll fill in the blanks and pages will magically appear to fill in the void.

I’m still bumping into pain and sorrow from Dad’s death last year. That’s been emotionally draining. I know I should be moving on, but I’m having a tough, tough time letting go. That’s probably not too unusual, I suppose.

Anyway, despite this dearth of activity on my part, I’ve noticed that several folks from IP’s I don’t recognize are coming in the front door and seeing this site. Welcome! My brother would call this place a cobweb site — too much lactivity lately. I’ll try to fill in the blanks of the last few months, and try not to pontificate too much.

Tonight? Cool camera stuff. My 105mm macro lens is back from Sigma. I bought it used from Creve Couer Camera (cool folks — ask for Taunya) just before the Jamaica trip last month, only to find out that this is one of the “infamous” Sigma lenses that needs to be rechipped before it will work fully with a Canon EOS 10D. In my case, I would get “Err 99” messages anytime I shot at any f/stop other than f/2.8 — what a pain! Anyway, I shipped it off a couple of weeks ago, and it’s back, rechipped, cleaned, and working great. I’ll be happy to get back to shooting macros again.