Sio, Darla and I went Trick or Treating tonight. What a great night!

The weather was perfect. It had rained much of the afternoon, but broke in time for the candy gathering. The temperature cooperated, too — it was about 65 degrees outside. Just cool enough, without being too cold.

This was the first time Sio had been able to Trick or Treat in our neighborhood, and it is much larger than what she is accustomed to. There’s about 800 homes in the neighborhood, and she had designs on visiting them all. I told her that could take 10-12 hours, a challenge to which she responded she was ready!

In actuality, we spent just over two hours, hit about 100-150 homes, and had a great time. After leaving behind the candy she didn’t like — some of the best stuff, in my mind! — she still had enough to keep a small Central American country in candy for quite some time.