Conservative Hijinks

OK, I like the word “hijinks”… so sue me! 🙂

Two things of note as I watch the world go ’round.

First, Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in as the Governor of California today. That just sounds weird. Governor Schwarzenegger.

That whole election out there is almost like a joke with a never-ending punchline: A porn star, handicapped porn hustler, a publisher, Gary Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger (along with 100+ others) all walk into the Election Commissioner’s office….. Funny thing is that the folks in California will get the pleasure of living out the punchline on a daily basis.

Item number two… Today, Rush Limbaugh returned to the airwaves taking full responsibility for his actions. Kudos to Rush for his stand on his own actions — at least it wasn’t somehow a liberal plot with some sort of entrapment claimed. However, he’s still in deep waters in Florida for his drug buying/selling. Wait a minute…. Florida? Isn’t that where the President’s brother governs? Could he possibly influence the freeing of a staunch voice from the right during an election year in order to help his brother win re-election?

That almost sounds like another joke without a punchline….. Or, perhaps a punchline that the whole world would get to enjoy for four more years!