House Invaders

Today, we did the physical inspection of the new house. No huge surprises, but a few things that will need to be corrected by the seller before we can go forward. The formal report will come out tomorrow, and that should give us the time to get the “honey-do” list complete before Sunday (our contractual deadline).

I’m still really impressed with the place — it’s beautiful! Of course, there are things we will want to change, but it is in move-in condition, with very little for us to do to be comfortable from day one. That’s quite a relief after the move in we had here.

I think we spent almost two weeks solid of painting, stripping, cleaning, changing, and who knows what else — it was rough!

Wednesday sees us going home for Thanksgiving, with an open house for this place on Sunday. It would be great to come home from Chattanooga with a buyer already on the hook!