Gluttony is still a deadly sin, right?

Picture of Gluttony

Picture of Gluttony (Click to see enlarged version)

If so, I should be dead by now! 🙂

I’ll attach the photos after I get back to the server, but hoo-boy what a spread! Whole turkey, smoked turkey breast, smoked ham, candied yams, cranberries (not out of the can!), stuffing in the bird, dressing in a bowl, deviled eggs, new potatoes, green beans, rolls, key lime pie, pumpkin pie, cake….. My eyes (and belt!) are popping.

And, after a nice dinner at 2pm, and a nap at 5pm, it was time for round two around 11pm. So much food……

It was a great dinner, and will be for the next several days I’m sure!