Fireworks and Snow

When we decided we were coming to Mom’s, we brought a whole bag full of sparklers and smoke bombs that were left over from the 4th of July. It’s much easier to shoot them off here on The Mountain, and I knew Sio would have fun playing with the fireworks. No, I didn’t bring them down for me! 🙂

Sparkler in the Wind

Sparkler in the Wind (Click to see enlarged version)

So fireworks we did, blowing through 16 boxes of sparklers, a bag of smoke bombs, and a box of snakes, all inside of 30 minutes. We did single sparklers, and a few at a time — I even tried a whole box at once…. and promptly threw them across the driveway when they exploded into the most brilliant blue flame!

Blizzard on the Mountain

Blizzard on the Mountain (Click to see enlarged version)

As we started cleaning up the mess, it began to gently — then more seriously — snow on us. What a wonderful treat — our first snow of the year! We frolicked in the lightly falling snow and enjoyed its presence. Sio even made a snowball that she threw not just once (at Grandma), but twice (at Darla). Molly promptly ate that same first snowball of Winter 2003.