Today, Sio, Beck and I went downtown to the Aquarium and to Big River Grill for dinner.

Sio and the Aquarium

Sio and the Aquarium (Click to see enlarged version)

I’m still so impressed with the Aquarium here. It’s been here ten years (or more), and still looks brand new. However, a nwe addition is going on that will connect it and the Hunter Museum (somehow), and should be finished in 2005.

As always, the big attraction seems to be the Gulf display, full of humungous fish, sting rays, small hammerhead sharks and other colorful fish. It’s one of the biggest displays, too, so it gets a lot of noses pushed against the glass.

The other large displays — like the Nickajack Lake — are really great too, but the fish just aren’t as dazzling, and it’s probably just not that exciting to see fish you could probably go a few miles upriver and catch.

Big River was a nice choice for dinner. I’ve not been there in years, and it didn’t disappoint. I had the blue crab and artichoke stuffed chicken. Way, way high on calories, but really great flavor.