St. Nicholas Day

Yes, we do St. Nicholas Day.

I had a discussion with someone at work on mine and Darla’s celebration of it, and he thought that was very unique. He also asked if we celebrated Christmas since we did the St. Nick’s Day thing. Of course we do!

Here’s the drill. We each drop a Christmas wish list in one of our slippers, and usually a little something for St. Nicholas and his steed. Come the morning, the list is gone, and a small present is left behind.

This year, I got the second DVD volume of Coupling (great show!) and Darla got Pirates of the Caribbean DVD. That’s one whale of a film!

Is it silly? Probably. But that’s just me and Darla!

We shopped and shopped today too. Zany Brany (BTW, they’re going out of business — that’s a shame), Kerry Cottage and finally M-R Music for a little more sheet music for me. Gotta keep practicing my piano!!!

I also installed Darla’s 802.11g card and got it running on the network. It’s not quite configured the way I want, but it’s functional, and ready to be in the new house (in which there will be no networks cables!). I’m still quite impressed with the wireless network technology. I’m sure once the transmitters move to higher frequencies, the bandwidth will increase significantly, and you’ll have gigabit wireless adapters all over the place.