One House too Many

It’s official — we have one house too many!

All the paperwork was completed this afternoon for the new house… no fuss, no muss. Closing was a breeze, and that’s the way I like it. Forty-five minutes of signing this and initialing that, and the house was ours.

We take possession on Monday, and I can’t wait. The thrill of packing, moving and unpacking await, and I welcome the challenge! We’ve already begun putting some of the rooms away, and will continue for the next 10 days or so until moving day, on the 27th.

The first new thing for the house? A new king size bed, bought tonight — the largest bed I will have regularly slept in during my life. It’s about time I had one that size, too. The dogs want to be on the bed (and sometimes, under it) and there’s just not quite enough room for the four of us (plus the occassional visit from LC).