Home Sweet Home

Today, we took possession of the new house — hooray!

Becky arrived first, planning to unload some boxes, only to find…. the old owners! They were supposed to be out at 5PM, but (his words) “that’s just what the contract says, and who pays attention to that?” He also suggested that we could just let him keep a key so he could continue getting stuff out of the house sometime in the future. In fact, his wife was changing clothes in the bathroom for dinner that night… long after they were supposed to be out of the place.

Needless to say, that didn’t go over well with us. But, they’re gone, we have the keys, and that ugly mini-drama is behind us — good rubbish, good riddance.

So, we took a few boxes over, met Wendy, drank a little wine, had John and Mary over, had Mary (from Becky’s office) over, and finally came to the old house to rest.

It still feels like I’m in someone else’s house. I dunno how long it will take for me to get past that. Soon, I hope. Until then, I’m sure I’ll still tiptoe, and wait for someone other than us to walk around the corner.