Asta la Vista 2003

And so today marks the end of the third year of the third millenium. A year filled with war, which most years have had, but usually aren’t quite as close to home as this one; tragedy, which, again, most years have; and some promise, which some years have not had.

The war rages on. I know that Bush has claimed that the war is over, but I can’t help but think of the brave patriots who have made the ultimate sacrifice, both before and after the official war dates. Now that more have died after the war than during it, I have to wonder why the shift of responsibilities to civilian authorities hasn’t come speedier. Is it that the continued hostilities are a little “victory dance” for Bush, knowing that almost nothing he can do will tarnish him so much that a Democrat can win in 2004?

The tragedy of the shuttle disaster in February is still haunting. With each setback, I see the future we all talked about and promised each other 30 years ago slipping away, and quietly falling behind other, more nationalistic goals. It’s a crying shame. The future is out there, not here, and the math of population growth, squandering of resources, and the seeming inability to get past our own differences, makes the future look an awful lot like today.

But what of promise? Well, the Dow and NASDAQ are up significantly at the end of 2003, closing above 10,000 and 2,000, respectively, and showing gains of 25% (2000+ points) and 50% (600+ points) over this year, and the first EOY gains since 1999. I wish I could have put more in over the last few years! However, there’s still room to overinflate and grow, and hopefully we’re all a little wiser for having plodded through the last three years or so.

More promise? Saddam is gone forever. His followers are still out there, but I can’t help but believe that their days are numbered, just as their cause is.

Ah, but there is still need for watchful eyes. Even tonight, as the country prepares to celebrate the new year’s arrival, our military and civilian forces stand on guard against terror threats to our country. I think most folks believe it will happen again, and that it is only a matter of time. I tend to agree.

Tonight has us doing our usual gig, spending time with friends at dinner, and spending time together at midnight. This year, Sio is with us, and I think that makes the new year just a little brighter. She’s not seen peace of earth during her short life, and it’s about time she got what she’s deserved.