TV, TV, Where for Art Thou, TV?

Well, here, I think.

After a battle had with the satellite folks, and ending up without dish due to the trees in the backyard (and expecting another one over services paid for but unable to be delivered), I engaged Charter to get their cable in the house.

Getting Charter residential television services after you’ve installed Charter Business Internet services is quite a challenge… for them. From what I understand, their system won’t allow multiple accounts at the same address, so they have to pull some hijinks to make the system let them do that. I also understand that there is only one person who can do that. When she is gone, it doesn’t happen.

(Insert my dozen+ calls with Charter over the last week.)

Anyway, a week later, it’s finally done, and is it ever nice. I’m sure part of my appreciation of it is due to the cruddy reception we were getting of the locals on some external antenna in the house. However, I really believe that the picture is much, much better than we had with CableAmerica.

TV rocks, and I’m glad it’s back. Woo-hoo!