Just after 3PM today, I hit 40.

I don’t know if I was expecting someone to throw a switch, and my life to be over, or my joints to explode, or some other malady. None of that happened, of course, and I had a great day.

Becky took me to a buffet here in Ellisville called Buffet City. They had sushi buffet, chinese buffet, and Mongolian barbecue — all together, probably six piers of food, and all included in the modest $10/plate price. They even had steamed crab legs and drawn butter on one of the piers!

And all this, a dangerously close mile from the house.

Beck gave me the America 24/7 book that I’ve been wanting since it came out last year. It’s a wonderful concept and a terrific book (so far). If you haven’t heard about it, hit the link and see what it’s all about. Wonderful, human photography.

So forty was nice and quiet, with just about the right amount of fanfare, especially for a Thursday night.