Utter Decadence


Last night, Beck and I, along with John and Mary, went to Portofino’s for dinner to celebrate the closing on their new house. It’s not far from our new one, so meeting up to celebrate was easy.

Now, I’d never been to Portofino’s, but we walked in, and found ourselves to be the only customers in the place. I thought that was unusual, but we were told it was just a slow time of the year for them.

I started with a glass of tawny port, a name called Terq that I’d never heard of and can’t find online. It was a fine glass, short though, as with any restaurant. It’s hard to find someone with a long pour on that stuff! They did offer some 150-year old spirits ($25/glass!) that I thought about trying, and perhaps next time I will.

We had toasted ravioli and escargo for appetizers. The ravioli was tender and was served with a very tasty salcicca sauce. Beck and I had had escargo before, but I’d never had it served in nice, large shells. Very cool presentation!

My steak came — a filet mignon, stuff with crab, lobster and shrimp. Not only was it a great big hunk of meat, but with all the stuffings, it was rich, rich, rich. It was riding atop a sauce (cognac-based?) that was killer. Absolutely, the best steak I’ve ever had. That cow oughta be proud.

All in all, this was one of the best (and most expensive!) dinners I’ve had in a while, and worth every penny. Next we celebrate, it may have to be at White Castle’s!!!!