Nice Piece of Ice


Tonight we hunker down, awaiting a terrific ice storm — predictions are for 1/2″ to one inch of ice, to begin just after midnight tonight.

All our infrastructure cabling is underground, but trees and lines falling elsewhere could impact our power and cable. It’ll be interesting to see how that all plays out tonight.

I’ll be up for much of it too. We’ve got a network upgrade at the office tonight. I’ll be dialing in to handle my end, but if the power or phone go, I’m out of the water. And, of course, everyone who is on campus will be trapped there through much of tomorrow.

I did go and get a bunch of lumber for building shelves and a gate for the deck. The deck gate went well, despite the temps falling all day. It looks good, and Beck’s happy with it. The shelves may get started tomorrow, but only after a long, long sleep after the network maintenance for the office tonight.

Fun times in the midwest, eh?