Wardrobe Malfunction


A pretty lackluster first half of the Super Bowl led to what has become something to even eclipse the Dean Scream.

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Justin Timberlake disrobed a breast of Janet Jackson on primetime, network TV during the Super Bowl halftime show, and has subsequently blamed it on a “wardrobe malfunction.” What’s the deal, were both breasts supposed to be exposed, and that was the malfunction?

While that was pretty shocking to most folks — not me… I blinked, so I missed it — it appears that MTV may have been telegraphing that something was up. They’ve pulled the story, but the omniscient Google cache still has the story where MTV questions just what Janet would do at the show. When the title is “Super Bowl Show Promises Shocking Moments” I think you’ve tipped your hand.

Now, MTV is fired by the NFL, the FCC is investigating, and CBS is embarrased. A few more letters, and we’d have a whole alphabet full of scandal.

And I’m one of the last people in America to see Janet’s boob. Ah well…..