Spin the Wheel of Dentistry!


I’ve had a tooth problem for a week or so. A little pain in a molar, just every now and then. No rhyme or reason to it.

So I did the right thing, and called the dentist for an appointment.

I sit in the chair, and x-rays are taken. I then sit for 30 minutes waiting for the dentist. He finally shows up, looks at the x-rays, kinda thinks that a root canal is needed, but I could probably live with it for a while. Cool.

Then he changes his mind, and decides to start a root canal. Right then.

He shoots me full of novacaine, and walks away to work on other folks. For about 30 minutes. He comes back, begins to drill, and man oh man can I feel it. He can’t understand why. I can tell him why: It’s been too long since he filled my jaw full of novacaine!!!

Anyway, he finishes the process, and the tech puts in the “medicine” and seals the tooth. She then asks how far I have to drive to get home, and I tell her that it’s about 25 miles (the dentist is close to work, not to the house). She proceeds to tell me to drive with the window down and radio cranked up.

I have no idea what was in the “medicine” that was put in my tooth, but it must be terrific stuff!

Anyway, pain in the jaw (not the tooth, strangely enough), and 800mg of Motrin later, and the world is good.