Soaring Eagles

Beck and I went to Winfield again this today to watch and photograph the eagles. We also took Sio — her first eagle spotting, I think.

They were still there, despite the warmer, calmer weather. I expect they’ll be gone soon, as they were listless, almost bored and not fishing much. I assume they’ll continue north to cooler climes soon.

I keep running into other 10D owners, and notice that I have the smallest lens of all. I have lens envy! Seriously though, my 200mm and 1.4x teleconverter (280mm effective at f/4.0) just don’t cut it for the faraway stuff. I think a prime 400mm would be great, but I may try a little 500mm f/8.0 cheap lens and see what that buys me before investing the kind of money a 400mm prime will run.

So, the photos aren’t quite as good this time, but that’s the way it goes!