Wheel of Dentistry, Part II


Today was what I thought was the completion of my recent dental journey.

It was not.

What it was was the completion of my root canal work. Once again, I sat in the chair a looooong time before the work began. Two hours of chair time surrounded about 30 minutes of actual work.

This time, though, the anesthesia was better. Doc hit a nerve with the first shot, and before he even applied the novacaine, the left half of my jaw and lip were dead numb. They stayed that way for about five hours. He called it profound anesthesia, and told me I wouldn’t feel anything during the procedure. And, I didn’t.

Good thing, though, that that profound anesthesia occurred, or else I wouldn’t have been able to sit in the chair that long.

Now I have a temporary, instantaneous numbness I can introduce in my lip and jaw by just biting down a certain way. I can’t imagine that’s normal, but I also can’t see where it will hurt anything.

Now, the bad news. With every root canal, a crown is also included, unbeknownst to me. So, next Wednesday, it’s a crown prep, and a couple of weeks afterward, the installation of it.