More gold for The Project today.

Grandma sent another large envelope of photos from the Cox/Holley side of the family, along with some geneaology my great-uncle has worked out, which takes one leg of the family back to the late 17th century, if I read it right.

So, along with a bunch of scanning, I need to get some research done on how to present family trees on the web so I can get this info and photos not only published, but published in a way that others can find.

Becky dropped me an e-mail from Grandma with an invitation from my great-uncle to come to Seattle for a few days as part of our vacation. That’s a generous offer! I’m sure I would learn a big bunch about that leg of the family. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever met any of Grandma’s siblings and their families.

We’ve got four weeks to figure it out, so I’m sure we’ll get the driving plan settled by then!