Scanning the Past


“The Project” is now officially underway.

Tonight, I scanned and OCR’d a loose-leaf binder Mom gave me while I was in Chattanooga a few weeks ago. The binder was titled Loveday Memories, and contained pieces written by several members of the Loveday clan, of which Dad’s mother was part.

It was strange to see pieces talking about, and parts written by, folks that I’ve heard about all my life, but never had any hard link to. An example was running across a piece written by Grandma Wright’s brother, and another piece that talked about her father, David Preston Loveday, of whom I’ve recently found some photos.

I’m also on the prowl for some software to help with the building of the family tree pages, and ways to link all these photos to those. I still thinking building a search engine to look for keywords associated with the photos is the right answer. The search could be pretty simple, but the keyword tagging of the photos would be laborious. That’s ok though, as long as I get the notes from folks who can recognize folks in the photos, I can always link it up at my leisure.