Think I’ll Eat Some Worms


You know the old children’s tune… “Nobody loves us, everybody hates us, think I’ll eat some worms.” Well, now everyone hates us… more.

Today, Israel took down the leader of Hamas, and Hamas is claiming that the US is as guilty as Israel, as they couldn’t have pulled this off without our support.

So, we do nothing, and we’re the bad guys.

Or, we do do something, and we’re the bad guys.

I guess there’s no way to win these days!

But seriously, all the activity in the mideast really has me spooked. Even beyond the Biblical implications, it just seems like we’re fostering an environment throughout the world that is ripe for hating the US and Americans. That’s a sad and dangerous thing.

I don’t know how it can get better, but in some ways, I can’t see how it can get too much worse, either. Sure as I say that, some crazed group out there will prove me wrong, though….

Think I will eat some worms!