New Gear: Bogen 681 Monopod

Bogen 681

Also on my trip, I picked up a monopod. I’ve been wanting one for a while, but getting the 100-400 lens really drove it home — the camera with a 3+ lb lens hanging off it is a bit much to handhold sometimes!

Of course, my Bogen 3030 would fit it well, but that is one heavy pan-head to stick on top of a simple solution. Dad had bought a Bogen 3205 for the Meade, and apparently got a Bogen 3229 quick release head with it (for which there was no use with the ‘scope). I’ve put that atop the monopod, and it seems to do a fine job. The challenge is finding a lightweight head that will fit the threads on the Hakuba, and share common quick releases between the two.

I had to have some kind of challenge this week!