New Gear: Hakuba HG-503MX

Hakuba HG-503MX

While on my lens exchange trip yesterday, I also picked up a new tripod — a carbon fiber tripod. Four pounds (including the 3-way pan head). I’m not a huge fan of the PH-G40 head (1.2 lbs), as it uses a “camera-sized” 1/4″-20 screw to mount it, which means that I can’t use my (admittedly heavy) Bogen head on it. However, the tripod will hold 15 lbs. (or 25, depending on whose doc you read), so it oughta do the trick.

I’ll probably have to get a new head and new quick releases to interface with my monopod.

My monopod? Yes, my monopod. See the next entry!