Canyonlands (2675 miles so far)

We continued our trip this morning, after a nice breakfast at the Crazy Jug Restaurant. Today’s agenda was to cross into Utah, and see what we could see.

Shortly after getting into Utah, we saw snow again. This was the first snow we’d seen since we were in New Mexico, and it was, of course, beautiful. We’d had big storms through Fredonia last night, so I suppose some of the snow came from that storm system.

We had seen on the map the Coral Pink Dunes State Park, and decided it would be fun to stop and see what it was all about. First off, the sand – and it is sand – isn’t pink, it’s orange. Second, it is amazingly fine, so it’s very, very easy to sink up in. This whole park, in fact, is configured for both foot traffic, as well as ATVs. Beck and I walked around the dunes, and also exchanged some snowballs – probably the last snowballs of this winter for us.

Our next stop was Zion National Park. This place was gorgeous, and sported one of the longer tunnels I’ve been through (only 1.1 miles, cut through solid rock). The only drawback was the huge number of people there, and the overcast weather. Still, the park was pretty, and worth stopping through.

We decided to work our way toward Bryce Canyon National Park, and drove through the Dixie National Forest on the way. The Dixie National Forest was pretty amazing, with tall trees and some bright red rock outcroppings. I’m kinda surprised that part of this area was sucked into some national park – it was certainly pretty enough for that.

We landed at Bryce Canyon late in the day, and after getting a room at Ruby’s Inn, we decided to go exploring. The first thing we noticed was the elevation – the first point we stopped at was over 8200 feet, and we were sucking wind in no time. We stopped at a few points overlooking this very impressive place, and made our plans for tomorrow’s sunrise.

Words can’t really describe the beauty of Bryce, and I’m not sure my photos did much justice to it either. This is a place I would love to explore again, perhaps doing some hiking, too.

After a little pizza at the joint next door, we were off to sleep.