Hello from SF

[San Francisco, CA]

Just visiting, however. I’m out here for BEA’s eWorld — first timer.

I’m looking forward to the beginning of the conference — it looks like it’ll really be informative, and full of good stuff.

Kinda reminds of a decade ago when I came to Phoenix and SF for IBM’s OS/2 Technical Interchange. Those were some of the best conferences I’ve ever attended! Loads of good, useful technical sessions, and some really good “playing” after hours. BEA can only hope to do so well with theirs!

Flights were uninteresting (albeit delayed coming out of Denver), with me using the time to get through a couple of packets of source annotations for my family tree. I’ve got a few more to go through — I’ll probably get those done tonight.

I’m discovering as I walk around the streets of San Francisco (ok, so I just had to work in the title of that old show somehow!) that I may be morphing away from being such an enjoyer of the big city life. In past trips — wherever they were — I enjoyed walking around, riding the mass transit, and getting myself into all kinds of new places. This trip, though, I just want to hang out in the room, watch tv, and work.

Blecch. What a waste of time, eh?!