I’ve been Yahoo’d!


I’ve been trying like crazy to get this site indexed by Google. That’s the only way that I’m gonna get anyone to find the genealogical work I’m doing, and hopefully help someone out with some of the work I’m doing.

I’ve fallen flat on my face, however, with the Google “machinery”. I’ve tried submitting this site, and tried submitting the genealogy site… and nothing happens. The only reason Google has any record of this site is from something that I used to link to which showed up in someone else’s logs. Since I stopped linking to that, Google has stopped crawling my site.

However, in scanning my web server log, I noticed that Yahoo has walked my site, and has found the photos, the work in progress…. everything! Dunno how they got to me, and I don’t really care.

Perhaps I’ll start using Yahoo again as my search engine of choice! 🙂