The Day After ‘The Day After Tomorrow’

Today, Beck and I went to see The Day After Tomorrow. I enjoyed it.

Now, I know the science may be questionable, particularly in terms of the timeframe in which the modern ice age unfolds on the big screen. However, it’s great eye candy.

And I’m not gonna pretend that I didn’t see that this was a whale of a political statement about global warming — it was. It was still good eye candy.

What intrigued me was the level of detail in the special effects. When the great tidal wave consumes New York, rather than take the easy route, and simply cover the traffic with water, you could actually discern the movement of the individual vehicles as they were each pushed by the tidal surge, crushed into each other.

On the other hand, the computer-generated feral wolves looked soooo fake. Really bad job on something that was supposed to look realistic and believable. Had this been a werewolf movie, the wolves would’ve been forgiveable, but not in this flick.

It was fun to watch, and I’ll probably give the film company more of my hard-earned cash once the DVD is released, probably for Christmas.