Sorry for the downtime — I bought a new, larger case from someone at work, and began working to move the guts of the server into this new case last night. As I began this work, though, I had a significant interruption. More on that later.

Why a new case? Well, I had a temperature problem in the little server case, and that caused my CPU temperature to run around 40C under heavy load, which is hotter than I like. In fairness, it was running around 34C at idle.

This new case, aside from being larger, and allowing for more air movement, also has seven fans in it. Now, at idle, the server runs at 28C, with the ambient temperature inside the box at 24C. Very cool! (literally!)

The interruption I mentioned earlier? Beck’s grandmother, Agnes, died in Texas yesterday. Like the recently passed President, she was also 93. Right now, I think the plans are for services in Texas on Thursday. As you might expect, Beck was really torn up last night. I believe this is the last of her grandparents left living, and I’m sure that’s a tough thing to deal with.