Sunset on the 1980’s

Tonight was the sunset service for President Reagan at the site of his library in Simi Valley.

It’s a picturesque view that provided the backdrop for a close to one of the most amazing weeks I can remember in our country in a very long time. For a week, we’ve watched as the Reagan family coped with the loss of their patriarch, and our nation grieved over the passing of a beloved leader. We saw the strength of Nancy Reagan, as she gently stroked the flag adorning her husband’s casket, quietly whispering to her husband within. I can’t remember a time when, as a nation, we seemed to be so one of spirit over one life.

Tonight, though, she broke down, and released her grief over her loss. And after having to be strong for a nation all week, it’s only fair that she should be able to let that go.

I simply cannot imagine holding back, and then airing out, my grief in the public spotlight like that.

What was very haunting to me was the look of…. bewilderment… on her face during most of this week. Half of a whole. One part of two. I’ve seen that look before, and was hoping I would never see it again.

It was on Mom’s face during Dad’s funeral.