Maiden Voyage

[Suck Creek Mountain]

Today, Sio and took the new TrailBlazer on its maiden voyage to visit Mom on The Mountain. I’m really impressed with how well it handled itself on the highway. A nice, smooth ride, and reasonable gas mileage, given that this is a truck — 18.5 mpg.

I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed having a sunroof until we got on the open road this morning and opened it up. There’s something exhilarating about having access to the sky while driving. That’s a part of driving that I’ve been without for almost ten years.

Becky was a little worried I might have some “buyer’s remorse” after not buying the EXT model, but truthfully, I think the advantages of the regular model really make my choice to go with it the right decision.

And, truthfully, the thing is just fun to drive. I don’t have to be quite so ginger in entering and exiting parking lots — in the Vald (the Impala), I drug the front air dam on those kinds of things daily. This week, I’ll get it a little dirty in Prentiss Cooper, and show Sio some of the finer points of four-wheeling, along with setting up a for a photo shoot or two from the bluffs.