Full Speed

One of the things that I notice — significantly! — is the difference in internet speed and reliability here at the house.

On the mountain, there’s really no high speed internet providers, and the phone system is archaic enough to make even dial-up more painful than it usually would be. Mom and Kevio invested in DirecWay, which is a two-way satellite-based internet service through Hughes. Slick system on paper, and is great for locations like hers, where there is no DSL or cable, and not likely to be for many, many years.

DirecWay worked well for a while, but has lately gone to going offline for a day at a time anytime it’s cloudy or rainy. The company says they aren’t responsible because “weather can adversely affect service”. The key here is that it didn’t used to.

Anyway, it’s been a forced fast from most things net-like over this week, and it’s nice to be wired again. I sure like the mountain, but I’d have to think about hard wiring something up the hill! 🙂