Day of Decision


Tomorrow, Missouri has a primary election, the ballot for which contains two highly contentious constitutional issues: Amendment 1 and Amendment 2.

As I understand it, Amendment 1 would open the door for “riverboat” casino expansion into the Branson area, starting first with a small community called Rockaway Beach.

Amendment 2 would amend the state constitution to define marriage as only between one man and one woman.

My politics aside, I don’t see how any citizen of Missouri could be comfortable with their vote. However, what I’ve learned is:

  • You’re an idiot if you vote against Amendment 1, because you’ve stifled growth of an industry that some in that part of Missouri seem to want.
  • You’re an idiot if you vote for Amendment 1, because you’ve encouraged the expansion of gambling, and all the ills that some believe come along with it.
  • You’re an idiot if you vote against Amendment 2, because you’ve opened the door to sanctifying relationships that some believe are against God’s word.
  • You’re an idiot if you vote for Amendment 2, because you are promoting homophobic hatred.

And those are just the loudest statements being thrown around about these two issues. There’s also a million little swirls that raise the noise level associated with these two proposed amendments into a deafening, mind-numbing cacophony.

My opinion? Well, that’s between me and the ballot box, but you can count on me voting my conscience, and doing what I think is right.