Junk Food


Tonight was a night of working late the office, and I made my rounds, getting a soda and a little snack during the evening.

Our snack machines have always been overpriced — I’m sure that’s not unusual. However, I noticed tonight that there were two new additions — a couple of low carb “candy bars”. Now, regular “bad for you” junk food candy bars are about 55-80 cents, depending on what you get. These were $1.50 and $2.50! That’s insane! I can’t imagine the vendor selling too many of those at that price.

Maybe that’s the price of low-carb dieting — after all, steak and meats are a part of that, and they aren’t cheap! For me, I think I’ll keep shooting for the low fat diet. After all, I can enjoy my inexpensive salad and have a 55 cent no-fat bag of pork rinds. 🙂